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Wednesday Mar 20, 2019

Liz’s website: www.teachandtransform.org Liz’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/teachandtransform Liz’s TED talk- “How To Teach Kids to Talk about Taboo Topics”: https://bit.ly/2Tg5yWJ

Thursday Feb 28, 2019

This week I’m excited to be chatting with Catherine of the feminist parenting blog Think or Blue. Catherine and I share experiences of parenting 3 year old females, dealing with the onslaught of princess culture and learning to allow our girls to express their anger in a healthy way.

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

Dana is a writer, speaker and coach helping parents, teachers & caregivers to tools to raise body confident kids. I spoke with her about her transition away from a successful fashion blog into her current work, how to handle comments from family members, why we shouldn’t measure BMI and more. 

Friday Nov 23, 2018

This week I chat with Hazel of @MotherofSnot about feminism, living in Spain and raising her two boys to be Good Humans. 

Tuesday Nov 06, 2018

This week I chat with Elizabeth & Russell Rhodes of Portland Oregon. We talk about feminist parenting, engaging boys and men in the fight for equality, life in the US during the Trump administration and of course, Elizabeth's new book, "Feminism is For Boys". 

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